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Physical Therapy

IDD provides a full range of physical therapy, depending on the person’s individual needs as determined by a thorough evaluation prior to treatment.

In some cases, when individuals are unable to use their arms and legs, physical therapists may provide basic motion and stretching exercises to relieve muscle stiffness and pain.

In other cases the goal may be to integrate the person with the community through training in basic skills such as stepping off a curb or walking up stairs.

We offer a unique type of therapy. It is very individualized. We work with the person doing what they want and need to do.
- IDD Physical Therapist, Julie Mangeot

We want to improve their quality of life and make them happy. Not everyone can do it. It is a gift that God gives people who work with this population. It is an honor to work with them. They bring a lot of joy and rewards - to see them walk on their own, to eat on their own. Helping them do these things that we take for granted means a lot to them and to us.
- IDD Physical Therapist, Michelle Ramsey

They have a really wonderful team out there. They have worked wonders with our daughter.
- Frankie Gaugh, parent of Stephanie

They (IDD) love Jean as much as we do. They work really hard with her. The progress she’s made under their supervision is amazing.
- Carol Kiem, parent of Jean