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Behavioral Analysis & Therapy

In some cases behavioral counseling is essential, as it can help disabled individuals learn the personal and social skills they need to live as full a life as possible.

We want the people we care for to attain their highest level of independence and contentment.
- Dr. Hicks

Learning to cope with day-to-day challenges through therapy, training and behavioral counseling can enhance individuals’ confidence and sense of personal autonomy - and help them realize their highest level of independence.

Trained IDD therapists help individuals in their care learn how to improve their interactions with others through focused training in social skills. In addition, therapists assist as needed in other areas, such as coping skills and anger management.

With the support of expert behavioral services and counseling, disabled individuals can experience significant progress in their behavioral skills and resulting satisfaction with the outcomes.

Counseling is so helpful because it teaches the people in our care the skills they need to live a full life.
- IDD Psychological Associate, Misty Sullivan